Home Made Pot Noodle

These have been around for some time, but people have asked me how to make these delightful lunchtime treats, so here goes. These only require a kettle, rather than a microwave, and if like me, you’re often out and about, needing only hot water is a massive bonus! I’ve done this as a basic breakdown into the key components, the beauty of this is that you can experiment! Boil a kettle, fill your pot/cup, and wait for five minutes. Voila!

The Pot – The first thing you need is a good container with a lid, I recommend Sistema as a good range for this, and you’ll find yourself using them for all kinds of things.

The Noodles – So noodles are a slightly key part of this. I recommend using vermicelli noodles, or any other very, very thin noodles. The water isn’t going to get any hotter than when you add it to you pot, instead it will cool, even faster if you keep the pot in the fridge, therefore if your noodle strands are too thick, they won’t cook through, and it is not going to be a pleasant experience!

The Seasoning – You can play about to your heart’s delight with this, I use about half a stock cube with a good dollop (precision cooking) of pre-prepared pastes that you can find in any good supermarket. So Thai green curry, XO, Harissa, Rendang, the possibilities go on and on.

Vegetables – You can use whatever you want, but remember that it has to cook in the hot water in five minutes, so cut it thinly, and don’t use really dense vegetables like parsnip (well you can if you really want to…). Spring onions, peppers, and mange tout all work well.

Meat – This is perhaps for the more adventurous, and you do have to know what you’re doing, but the rewards of doing so are some great cooked meat. As with the veg the same rule applies, it must be cooked, but unlike the veg, if you get this wrong, you’ll be reviewing your own menu soon enough. Thinly sliced chicken (2-3mm), and prawns (from raw or cooked) work well.


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