Poached Smoked Cod and Dauphiniose Potatoes with Chorizo

Saturday seems to be our fish day, mainly because it is the day when I do a big shop and I can plan the dish properly. I used too much cod for this, but who cares, it was luscious. Poaching is a super way to cook fish, and it keeps it beautiful and soft while keeping that characteristic flakiness. Serving dauphiniose potatoes in a ramekin is a great way to keep the portion size down, and it also looks great on a plate. This recipe is almost identical to my previous hake recipe, so I won’t repeat what I have already done, but you can find the recipe of perfect dauginiose below!

Dauhiniose potatoes are incredibly simple and wonderfully elegant for what they are. Slice potatoes finely, one medium sized potato per person should be sufficient. Pre-heat  your oven to 180C. Boil the sliced potatoes in water, salt, and pepper for 5 minutes, drain, and add to ramekins, again one per person. You can add anything you like at this stage, diced broccoli works well. Pour in double cream, and use a spoon to ensure that the cream envelopes the bottom layers of the potatoes. Grate cheese over the top, and add the chorizo, I used picante. Because of the fluid nature of the dish the flavours in the ingredients at the top with filter down. Cheddar works well, as dos mozzarella.



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